Full Mouth Restoration

What Is Full Mouth Restoration?

Using precision and the best materials, full mouth restoration combines the science of aesthetics and reconstruction of every tooth. Not everyone requires this type of extensive dentistry and every person has a unique dental history. The overall outcome is designed to offer improved health and symptom relief as well as a beautifully balanced smile. Our Physiologic Dentists, Dr. Nika and  Dr. Robinson offers advanced training to reconstruct how the teeth come together in harmony with the muscles in the face, jaw, and neck. When we refer to ‘Smiles that Heal’, we show patients how it is possible to restore overall physical health, facial beauty and aesthetic appeal over time.

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What Procedures Are Used For Full Mouth Restoration?

We work closely with our patients using a comprehensive smile design plan and physiologic principles. There are many different procedures used to restore or fix the functionality of your teeth and smile. Damaged teeth can be repaired and restored to a natural-looking state and our patients are involved in every step of the way. In addition, we offer services such as sedation dentistry and Nitrous Oxide to reduce stress, pain and overall anxiety.
Procedures may include:

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