Teeth Fillings

What Are Mercury-Free Fillings?

Mercury-free fillings (also known as “composite” white fillings) are used to replace amalgam fillings for a quick, easy way to enhance your smile.

Why Replace My Amalgam Fillings?

Tooth-coloured composite fillings are safer, stronger, more attractive and a more enduring alternative to metal. They’re called “white” fillings because of the natural, tooth colour of the resin, making them virtually invisible.

What Is Involved?

Composite fillings are made on-site and completed during the office visit.

The procedure involves numbing the area, preparing the tooth for restoration, and removing any decay. The composite resin is gently placed, cured and shaped for fit and total comfort.

If you would like to replace your fillings for a more natural smile, contact us for a consultation to discuss restoration and fillings.

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